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C+UE Cardiac and Ultrasound Equipment

ECG Electrodes Round 50mm Foam

ECG Electrodes Round 50mm Foam

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CU+E ECG Electrodes Round 50mm Foam: Precision, Comfort, and Complete Transparency

Discover the excellence of our Round 50mm Foam ECG Electrodes – meticulously crafted for unparalleled performance and your utmost comfort. These hypoallergenic electrodes provide a gentle touch to your skin while ensuring optimal signal quality during cardiac monitoring.

Our commitment to transparency goes beyond accurate readings. Each pack is housed in a Ziplock resealable bag featuring a clear see-through section, allowing you to effortlessly visualize the electrode type and track how many are remaining. We understand that your health matters, and so does knowing exactly what you have on hand.

As a 100% Australian family-owned and managed company, we take pride in delivering quality products that meet the highest standards. Elevate your ECG experience with electrodes designed for precision, comfort, and the assurance of a company that cares about your well-being. Choose the reliability of homegrown excellence – choose our 50mm Foam ECG Electrodes.

Australian Registry Therapeutic Goods Number - 387394.

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